Monday, June 16, 2008

blessed baby

When I came across this Baby Blessings Kit, I wondered where it was four years ago when all of my friends were having babies. I think that this is such a special thing to share with the mom to be. It includes 8 cards with ribbon to create garland and 8 bracelets to wear until the baby arrives. A very fun and meaningful activity to do for the baby at a shower. Create a beautiful keepsake by writing down your blessings for the baby. Everyone stays connected to each other by wearing baby shower bracelets until the baby is born.Suede bracelets with Ethiopian brass beads. Blessing Bracelets are worn until the baby arrives as a reminder to send the Mama-to-Be love and strength as she prepares for the miracle that is about to happen. Lovely colors blend with sweet floral patterns to create a decorative Blessing Garland for your birthing room or baby's nursery.

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