Wednesday, June 25, 2008

endless summer

so the time of year has come where i just leave the beach toys and towels in the trunk and don't give a thought to the sand granules that seem to invade every part of our life. i embrace it. the smell of sunscreen lifts my spirits better than any mood enhancer ever could. that is why i really love this gift. get a beach bucket and fill it with bubbles, shovels, sand toys, popcorn, frisbee whatever you think is fun -available here all ready for you, too! great gift for a summer birthday or a fun little surprise to have for your child,grandchild, nephew, niece, (actually i think my husband would even be into this gift) upon arrival at your next beach vacation.

1 comment:

mima said...

I didn't know you already had a beach bucket gift put together. This is great!