Sunday, June 1, 2008

here we go

where to start??? i have found so many amazing items that i am so excited to share. . .my hope is to inspire you to have fun giving. i love smart and sustainable gifts, not just another something to try to shove in the closet or toy chest or a trinket that will end up broken in a couple of weeks. my mom was all about keeping things. my daughter plays with toys i played with and wears clothes that i wore. in fact, here she is wearing one of my dresses. . . kind of a round about way to sneak a picture of her in, but she's so cute, right? anyways, gifts should be special, get lots of good use and be sustainable enough to be passed on or donated for someone else to enjoy. but , they also should be affordable, creative and unique at the same time. those are the kinds of gifts i like to give and those are the kinds of gifts i am going to share. let's be gifted in our giving!

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