Tuesday, June 24, 2008

old broken crayons to giftable crayons

look how fun and gorgeous these are. . .i saw this on a craft blog and thought we would give it a try. we have a birthday coming up and we have already ordered some playdough and lacing sealife shapes from my favorite MADE IN THE USA internet store, The Traveling Toystore, and we decided if we added one more thing it would be a perfect 3 year old gift! so my daughter and i peeled off all of the paper, broke the crayons into pieces and decided which color combos we wanted to use. (tip: we used a regular size muffin pan and it would be way better in a mini muffin pan, but i did not think this predicament warranted a trip to the store, so our crayons ended up a bit flat and big, instead of little and chubby) fill up the muffin pans as full as you want and then put it in the oven at 250F for about 10 minutes. take the pan out, let it cool a bit and then put it in the freezer. we used a non stick pan and the crayons popped out easily a few hours later. i am going to put them in a bit of mesh and tie with a ribbon and they will be brand new beautiful swirly crayons for our little friend, sammie bea. a fun and free gift!

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jordan said...

awww :) that is such a GREAT idea about the crayons. you could also find candy molds in different shapes and use those--maybe hearts for valentine's day?