Thursday, July 10, 2008

beads of hope

these beads are so cool. they are made from recycled paper by women in Uganda. a brother, sister, sister's husband team had an idea to start a socially proactive business. they traveled to uganda and met displaced people there who were excited to learn a trade to offer themselves and families a bit of stable income. i always love a gift that is both lovely in appearance and in purpose. . . visit their website here to find out where to purchase the beads.


mima said...

Are these the same beads I told you about?

cari said...

yep. they are the ones from the article you gave me-that the local people were doing.

Anna Hosking said...

Hi Cari - My really good friend sells these beads, with the couple that started the business. I love this project! She's comming to visit me and have a bead party in August. Let me know if you're interested in checking them out!
Cheers - Anna (from DWC Mag)