Sunday, July 13, 2008

green giving

my family is out on a bike ride right now. i don't have a bike, so i am at home. now before you start feeling sorry for me, let me say, i know that there are these little things downtown called bike shops where i could get my very own, but admittedly, i kind of like it when they go out on a ride to the park. it think it is cute father daughter time and i get a whole 30-45 minutes to myself. but this basket which has been making its rounds on various blogs and magazines is somewhat inspiring me. i imagine myself riding my new cruiser (i'm talking beach cruiser not Land Cruiser) down to farmers market to pick up fresh ingredients for a home cooked meal-the leafy tops of the carrots poking up out of the top of the basket, the potatoes rolling side to side as i make my turns. . . so not only has this basket inspired me to exercise, it has inspired me to cook from scratch. that is truly a gift. inspire someone (bike is optional).

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