Tuesday, July 8, 2008

let's clown around

i know you know i love gifts. i really do. i don't just say it because i have to. i also really love parties and entertaining. sometimes if it has been a while since i have had a party, i start to get a dull ache inside and try to convince friends that have already told me they do NOT want a baby shower for their second baby that they should have one-just because i found the most perfect theme and i really want to get all crafty and crazy with the decor. so, in order to not drive my friends crazy with my party antics, i have decided that i should start really promoting my event favor part of my business! i am super excited and have a ton of ideas. the photo is of a favor i did for a clown and balloon themed birthday party-they are all ready to ship out and i kind of think they are cute. ice cream cone bubbles, a clown nose and some smarties, what else does a kid need to have a fun day?
ps. if you are having a party, please please please let me do your favors, if you let me come up with the theme for you, i will love you even more. . . and if you are my friend with the 2nd baby coming, you know who you are, are you sure?!

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