Wednesday, July 23, 2008

save the bees

did you know that honeybees are disappearing? i have been hearing things off and on about the problem and my daughter and i notice on our walk to our garage lots and lots of little guys on the ground no longer with us. . .she says every morning, "mommy don't step on the bees-they are dead"-kind of like it would be adding insult to injury if i were to step on them in that condition. it makes me so happy, though, when i see the survivors buzzing in and out of our lavendar plants, like maybe we are helping the cause.

there is this great company in georgia called savannah bee co. they make the most wonderful honey products- i put some of them together in our honey bee good to yourself gift.

haagen daaz has created this very sweet website to help get the word out! i say it is time to save the honeybees!

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