Tuesday, July 15, 2008

upon your pedestal

no little quip from me today, i will let the creator of these fabulous cake plates speak for herself.

."Fling, v. tr. Definition: To throw (oneself) into an activity with abandon and energy.Flings In Aprons – A Love Story of Domestic Designs. . .Born the brainchild of a luckless romance. I salvaged and re-purposed my heart and I now love all of the things that I make. I am as passionate about my intellectual and creative flings as only a textbook Aquarian could be. My current fling? Upon Your Pedestal cake and dessert plates; a perfect pairing of vintage and modern, porcelain and crystal, aesthetics and utility. Hand-crafted from pieces reclaimed from flea markets, antique stores and estate sales from Santa Barbara, central and south coast, and on up to San Francisco. available here, here and here. . .

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