Sunday, July 27, 2008

what is a princess?

like every good three year old, my daugher loves pink and princesses. in fact, today, we were cleaning up our balcony and there was an old gardening shovel that used to have a red handle. it now has a faded pink handle. since we only have three potted plants and about four shovels to tend them with, i thought we could do without one and the faded old one had been elected. OH MY GOODNESS, mortal sin, it was the pink one, what was i thinking?? i made up for it by presenting her with this new book tonite, notice it is pink and it is about a princess. . .two points for mom. the sneaky part, though, the princess in this story is modest and has impeccable manners and those are the things that the prince falls in love with. LOVE IT. the artwork in this book is absolutely amazing, too. the characters are actually paper figures, the scenery was made out of cereal boxes and then painted and there is photography mixed in, as well-the writing , so lively, is by the charlie and lola author, the only cartoon i actually enjoy. i think you should get this for all of the special princesses in your life, young or old. i bought it at a wonderful little store called entertaining elephants in studio city. so, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by, it is an adorable shop. otherwise, i am sure it is available in the amazon.

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