Tuesday, August 26, 2008


my brother just moved to texas with his job. he is the first in the family to move out of the state in a really long time and the very first in my or my husband's immediate family to leave california. i am excited for him, though. he is ten years younger than i am and has been the baby for 22 years, it is his time to get to become his own person. he is going to do great. anyways, i was trying to think of a fun housewarming and we will miss you gift for him and his girlfriend, tracy. i absolutely love these bowls from anthropologie. they come in four colors and would definitely brighten my morning. anyways, i saw an idea on martha a while back that i just loved! and when i saw these bowls and this great granola recipe it all came together for me. . . a couple of those gorgeous bowls, a package of homemade granola (a mason jar with the recipe tied on would be cute) and two spoons would be such a great gift to let someone know that you are thinking of them. it works for so many occasions and you could add tea, coffee, a great book or just as it is. i do think i am going to have to buy two sets of the bowls, though, because it would be way to0 hard to part with them and connor may end up just getting the jar of granola and a couple of spoons. hey that would work, too and when your 22 maybe just pouring the milk in to the jar is more realiztic anyways, just teasing connor!

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mima said...

What a great gift idea! Why don't you carry the bowls?