Sunday, August 24, 2008

gift of getting away

we just returned from our first camping trip as a family. . . we survived 5 days "roughing it". sam , madeira and i and my brother's family actually did sleep in a tent, but my parents had a cabin at el capitan canyon (ie. camping for yuppies photo of cabin above). so we had a warm shower every day, a little kitchen to cook in (although we did do breakfast and lunch on the coleman stove over at our campground), as well as a heated pool, concierge service, gourmet foods shop and firewood/smores delivery to your fire pit. i was very worried about how this trip was going to go since the word "outdoorsy" is NEVER used to describe any member of my family. but it was wonderful. it was so great to see madeira, who spends most of her time in princess dresses dancing ballet, throwing dirt on herself. she and her cousins spent five glorious days getting dirtier and dirtier. although we were only about 20 minutes from home, it felt a world away from the daily routine. i loved rising with the sun and spending time in a little 10x10 dome with those nearest and dearest. we are going to make this part of our annual summer activities from here on out. i have already found next summer's campground. mary janes farm bed and breakfast. it looks absolutely serene and the working vintage sink outside of the campsite is really what took me over the edge! so, if you are not exactly a camping type of person, like me, but want to share an unforgettable few days with your family becoming one with nature, i highly recommend you check out either of these campgrounds or look for the yuppie camping site nearest you. . .


Alison said...

My Aunt and Uncle live in Moscow, ID. I will have to get the inside scoop on Mary Jane's for you.

Did you set up Google Reader yet?

Jocelyn said...

I am much more used to blogger than facebook, so I will comment here. We have not been brave enough to conquer camping yet, but we do want to create fun family outdoorsy memories someday like you. I like the idea of yuppie camping! It would be so fun to see you, it has been super long!

cari said...

alison, google reader is amazing. thank you thank you thank you! can't wait fo get the inside scoop on mary janes.
jocelyn, so great to hear from you! i saw the photos of you and your girls, so cute!