Sunday, August 3, 2008

i am ok with admitting that i like this bear. usually i cringe when my daughter brings home another stuffed animal, in fact my rule is if one comes in another must go out. when we got to the point of her crib still being up in the room for the sole purpose of holding stuffed animals, i knew it had gone too far. so, we happily donated a good percentage of them. . .BUT i think this bear is a must have. i love it because it is so super soft and cuddly and it is shaped like a teddy bear, but is flat like a blankie, so it makes cuddling with this guy safe and comfortable. and all of its parts are baby safe, too. the hollywood folk have seemed to take a liking to him, as well, so he is available in lots of fancy stores. i love to give this cutie as a gift for first birthdays.

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mima said...

We still have Chaka the whale so Madeira better start thinking about who is leaving so Chaka can come home!