Friday, September 26, 2008

fall upon us

fall is my favorite. pumpkin anything is my favorite. and these are my favorites of the favorites. i found these wonderful velvet pumpkins posted on the blissful living blog. they are handmade by lynne bonnell in arizona and they are absolutely gorgeous. i REALLY wanted them for my shop because i thought that they would fit in with all of the other pumpkins so nicely. so i posted on the blog and THE wonderfully gracious lynne bonnell wrote me back and was so kind to hand select a great assortment for me. . .i have already had to part with a few because it seems our customers agree that they are quite charming. i have had to hold myself back from taking them all home at the end of each day. LOVE FALL.


Anonymous said...

I do like this Blog, it is really nice.

M. Al Reedy

Lauren K said...

Oh! I just found your blog Cari. ;) I like these, very cute.