Sunday, October 26, 2008

as i have said before i love pumpkin. but seriously, this treat puts the whoopie in the pie. . .so yummy, fluffy and it just tastes like fall (and when the weather is still HOT outside, i will take any bit of fall i can get). it was so easy to make and everyone loved them! if you can't make it down to the shop to pick up a box for yourself, rachael ray has a recipe on her site for you to try. . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tis (almost) the season

since i love hang tags, red baker's twine, muslin and fun labels, when i came upon this wonderful etsy shop via kids and cocktails (how great is that name?), i was instantly enamored. add a roll of kraft paper and your holiday wrap is done. i think it is going to be my chosen gift wrap uniform for this year. i think that the wrap is almost more fun than the gift. you could wrap up an old stinky sock in this combo and i would be happy. (note to brothers: don't even think about it) check out simple song designs etsy shop for more fun ideas

Sunday, October 19, 2008

lucky me

i woke up this morning to the sound of my daughter saying, "mommy, it is 745." for those of you without 3 year olds, that is truly an amazing hour to be still cozy in bed. i took a quick shower and headed to the grocery store to buy some goodies for today's picnic with the ladies that work in my shop. . .the sky was a beautiful blue and it was sunny, but still cool enough to wear my "cozy" pants and uggs. the grocery mart was empty and freshly stocked and straightened, LOVE. i picked out all of my items and spent under $100, that does not happen often, so i decided to treat myself and the ladies to some gorgeous $8 napkins, frivolous and silly, but very pretty! when i arrived home, my husband had done the dishes and was applying labels to my holiday open house postcards for the shop. (it was about now that i wondered what i had done to deserve this loveliness that was being bestowed upon me) i then proceeded to prepare the picnic in the kitchen while missy higgins, coldplay and sarah mclachlan serenaded me. i made a caprese salad, pecan crusted chicken skewers, a platter of pears, pistachios, two cheeses and mission figs stuffed with humboldt fog cheese, croccantini with los olivos tapenade, baguette with olio e limone olive oil and balsamic and a crazy chocolate brownie cakelike treat that's story deserves a blog of its own. basically everything that could go wrong in baking did, BUT, to keep with the theme of the day, it turned out absolutely delightful. boy, this is such a long blog, but the day was just so great. i proceeded to my shop to pick up the ladies who were able to join me and we ventured into the valley. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. we visited buttonwood farm for a picnic (where we get yummy jams, chutneys and wines that we sell in the shop), clairmont farms, where we get wonderful lavendar products, and some great shops in los olivos. . .in los olivos we did an olive oil tasting and i met a delightful woman who makes all sorts of lovely organic oils, spreads and mustards. we finished off the day at a little coffee shop where we sat outside and enjoyed the chocolate treat. i came home to a happy husband and daughter and am now just thinking about the day and how lucky i feel to have a great family, beautiful place to live, and wonderful people to spend my days at work with. . .lucky me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i heart pumpkins

a whole new approach to pumpkin carving. . .these photos from country living are really inspiring a trip to the pumpkin patch. how beautiful are they? very delightful hostess gift or carve a bunch of small pumpkins for the perfect party favor. fall is just my favorite. it is so cozy and makes me just want to snuggle under a blanket with my family and drink hot apple cider. . . the weather has even started to agree a bit with these yummy little plans. it is only going to be 70 today! i even have my cardy uggs on! and madeira is in her pnk "cozies". it does not get any better.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

give pink

when i was at the gift show a couple of months ago, i saw a man wearing a pink shirt that said "save the ta ta's." i was of course intrigued and went over to find out more. well, turns out he is the creator of "boob lube", a lotion that women can use for the monthly check. i thought it was a very creative way to remind women of the responsibility we all have. october is national breast cancer awareness month. and i am so glad it is. not only is it great that an entire month is devoted to raising awareness and support for the cause, but it reminds all of us women that it is something we should be on top of. . .we have a really fun tub of girly goodness that we created about a year ago. every time someone gifts one to someone else, a donation is made to a breast cancer resource center. so, remember to check yourselves (with or without "boob lube") and give gifts that keep giving. . . .