Thursday, October 2, 2008

give pink

when i was at the gift show a couple of months ago, i saw a man wearing a pink shirt that said "save the ta ta's." i was of course intrigued and went over to find out more. well, turns out he is the creator of "boob lube", a lotion that women can use for the monthly check. i thought it was a very creative way to remind women of the responsibility we all have. october is national breast cancer awareness month. and i am so glad it is. not only is it great that an entire month is devoted to raising awareness and support for the cause, but it reminds all of us women that it is something we should be on top of. . .we have a really fun tub of girly goodness that we created about a year ago. every time someone gifts one to someone else, a donation is made to a breast cancer resource center. so, remember to check yourselves (with or without "boob lube") and give gifts that keep giving. . . .

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