Sunday, November 9, 2008

shes the apple of my eye

madeira turns 4 on tuesday. so we had a party for her and a few of her girlfriends this saturday. she asked for a hello kitty theme, but being the kind of mom i am, i very subtly talked her into an apple party. it's fall afterall and how do i get crafty with plastic hello kitty stuff??? she had a great time and i did too. . .just wanted to share the photos with you. the girls made caramel apples and apple stamped goodie bags, we had yummy macaroni and cheese, hummus and veggies sticks, caramel popcorn, pita chips and apple chips, a great apple lemonade concoction (pear juice, lemonade and apple juice) that i discovered on party perfect's blog featuring a very inspiring green apple party and finally apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (see links for recipes!) martha inspired the happy birthday sign and floating apple votives. . .thanks to madeira for letting me live out my fall apple party fantasy. . . daddy and i love you so much and can not believe you have been in our life for only four years. you bring us more joy than we ever thought possible and inspire us to be better with your free spirit and unconditional love for all people. we are blessed to be your parents. . . oh and just so you all know, i did buy hello kitty gear for the dinner we had at my parents house-i'm not a complete meanie.

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Jordan said...

WOW! this turned out sooooo cute. you should send this around the blogosphere seriously, people will go nuts!!