Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mommy, when do my teeth fall out?

so, discussion of this happening borders on the fence of kind of scary and kind of cool for madeira. when i really stop to think about it, it is a pretty funny thing. . .until you are around 6 years old and very soon after losing teeth is a pretty rotten thing (no pun intended). but those magical few grade school years the whole string attached to the doorknob event is quite exciting. especially if you have parents cool enough to buy this super neat tooth fairy kit that i discovered when browsing oh happy day. . .now i am just excited as madeira (and a little scared if i have to be the one to attach the string) for her first tooth loss!

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mima said...

I am not sure people still do the string on the doorknob thing. You should check with your friends. That might have been a "Nemetz family only" technique learned from Grandpa Salo.