Monday, January 5, 2009


it is so hard to take down christmas, both at home and at the shop. . .so, just to linger a bit, here are some photos of the shop during december. . .our theme this year was natural and homeade. madeira, sam and i made a lot of the items we used in the store windows. and we won most creative windows from the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization. fun! the photos of the windows aren't the best because of glare, but it gives you the idea. . .we made cool trees out of wrapping paper and cardboard from an idea we found on design sponge ,decoupaged snowflakes with our local weekly paper, The Independent. it was a lot of fun. . . now i just need to come up with an idea to replace them with. its already january 5th, aacck!!

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mima said...

The shop looked great! Good job, Sam, Cari and Madeira!