Monday, January 12, 2009

today while i was working on the computer, madeira was happily playing in her room. it was quiet for a while and normally that means she is coming up with some sort of pink princess outfit to come out and dance ballet to. but today, it was quite a suprise. she decided that that she wanted to dress up "crazy". it was awesome, still pink, but awesome. my favorite part was that she had somewhere found those plastic black spiders that hang out at halloween and used them as hair accessories. i have to admit i have never been so proud.

enjoy the video above. it was taken with my new flip hd video. i LOVE it. our other video camera decided that it would be a good time to just stop working upon arrival at the gates to disneyland on our first visit. i have been so irritated that we have just not taken any video other than short clips from the digital camera. but this thing is the size of a cell phone and takes great video. and it was only in the $200 range. . . (my brother has one and he is a total video camera snob with his floating camera and such, so i knew it would be just fine for me)

i think it would be a great gift item for a new parent or just marrieds your just retired parents who are going to begin traveling the world.

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