Saturday, February 28, 2009

crafty kits

IMG_2165IMG_2185 IMG_2181

madeira was invited to a “big girl” birthday party, so being that we are mainly in the “little girl” party circle, we were not sure what to get. . .the theme of the party is arts & crafts, so we thought it would be fun to go to the craft store and pick out some little trinkets that can be used to make cards, collages, maybe even a little wall art. it was super cute to see madeira run around to pick the items that she wanted to give, she got into it big time. she is definitely a shopper (wherever did she pick that up?) we got little ribbons ($1 bin), stickers, mini pom poms, decorative brads, glitter beads, googlie eyes, colored mini shells, flowers, buttons and other little trinkets. picked up a pail, some fun ribbon and a sticker and voila, we had made our first crafty kit. we hope she likes it!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bake it pretty giveaways. . .

bake it pretty


i discovered the website and blog, bake it pretty a few weeks ago and just love all of the vintage baking supplies they have in their super cute online shop.  i found them too late for all of the recent baby showers, but would have loved to used one of their baby toppers.  and you HAVE to check out their vintage button molds, so sweet-makes me want to throw a “button party”, maybe i can talk madeira into that one next year.   their cupcake kit above is just too much, as well and would make a very fun birthday gift, especially if you threw in a vintage apron from one of the great etsy shops, like Gagie Pagie Pudding Pie . . .my aim is true AND fresh vintage are both hosting gift certificate giveaways to bake it pretty. . . check out their blogs to enter and good luck!

photo by bake it pretty and Gagie Pagie Puding Pie

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Monday, February 23, 2009

cool food

the naked chef, jamie oliver, is just such a likeable guy, for so many reasons and NOW look at this amazing packaging for his food line. absolutely love it! i love the simplicity of it all and the handwritten script is perfect. oh- and you know what is inside of that packaging is going to be scrumptious coming from the man who says, "eating should always be a pleasure." check out his whole line on his website and his biog is a super sweet read, too (especially the part about getting out to the country on the weekends with his girls-jools, poppy & daisy (just stop now)).
check it out here ( i dont think it is available for purchase in the us yet, but let me know if i am wrong, would love to see it in person)
all photos from official jamie oliver site

Friday, February 20, 2009

hippity hoppity. . .

spring 09 5spring 09 2 spring 09

spring 09 4

spring 09 7

spring 09 6

spring 09 08

i love changing over the seasons in the shop. it is so refreshing and renewing. i am loving the bright colors and all of the birds. my favorite spring item is the two tier serving tray. oh my, so beautiful and graceful and the perfect gift to start off the new season. . .

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Monday, February 16, 2009

baby love

baby love 4baby love 2 baby love 1baby love 12baby love 9

baby love 8baby love 3baby love 6

baby love 11

on sunday, we hosted a baby shower for our lovely friend, lisa. we decided to just run with the whole “day after valentine’s day” and do a BABY LOVE theme. i think everything turned out super fun, the colors were great. i had been finding so many great ideas online lately and used lots of them. links are below. we did the funnest game too, that my friend isabel shared with us. everyone gets into teams and cuts up photos in magazines and creates a collage of what the baby is going to look like.-the mama to be selects the one she likes the best. it was hilarious, especially watching the grandmas in action and a shower game that i did not cringe at having to play. very fun.


all of the paper supplies: target

baby shower wishes and blessing bracelets: twoplums paper products

gift tub: santa barbara gift baskets

favors and color scheme: inchmark via kids and cocktails “i heart all of this post”

baby love garland:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

feeling the love from head to toe

madeira love 1madeira love 3


happy valentine’s day to you. . .hope you are feeling the love today.  we are sending it your way.  xoxox

Friday, February 13, 2009

cheeky love

thanks to kate spade for putting these most amazing valentines on her website. so much fun. loving the 'stach and make out ones the most! send one today and make someone smile or even better laugh out loud.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

love hearts

madeira and i made her valentines and sent them out yesterday. they turned out very cute! we borrowed the idea from one of my favorite creative blogs to peruse, inchmark. she makes them with fabrics, which is so cute, we just used patterned paper, but i think they turned out pretty fun. we had gone to the store and bought bags of candy to use, but when i re-read the notice from school, it said NO CANDY. so, back out we ran to pick up some stickers and band-aids (weird, but 4 year olds love them, right?!) so, the grandparents and cousins are getting lots of candy this year. madeira lasted for about 4 of them and i finished them. i would like to say she had more fun than me, but that would be a lie. in fact, her teacher told me that madeira announced, "i thought making valentines was going to be A LOT more fun. but it was not, it was really hard!" ok, so next year, i guess i will let her choose what we do.

ps. sorry about the photo image quality, i forgot my camera when i came into the shop and had to use my phone so i could get them sent out to family on time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

for the apple of your eye

a little pie

this is one of the cutest diy projects i have ever seen. . .sam would LOVE this for valentine’s day more than anything else i can think of (especially because baking is not something that happens a lot in our house). and the box is adorable. thanks to twig and thistle for sharing all of the details on how to create this perfect sweet something.

photo by twig and thistle

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

pink blooms

rach shower favorsrachs shower favors 2

these blown glass vases were a big hit at my girlfriend’s shower today, they come with the little tag and tag holder for your own personal message or name. . . we were celebrating baby number three and its a girl. she wanted simple and ‘not showery’, so these made the perfect favor/decor combination. throw in some cupcakes from crushcakes and a beautiful cake plate from flings in aprons (available at santa barbara gift baskets) and we had ourselves a NON SHOWER. lunch was at stella mare’s, great service, food and a beautiful view. i think it is my favorite place in santa barbara for a group celebration. oh my goodness, one of the gifts was the most amazing diaper cake i have ever seen! very simple and elegant (not the typical). i will post photos of that soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

mariebelle favors

mariebelle favors 2

mariebelle favors 1just finished the favors for my friend’s baby boy shower tomorrow. . . the shower is all in blue and brown and since it is rainy and (kind of ) cold, i thought the excellent mariebelle cocoa would be a fun treat for all of the ladies. . .i put them in cello bags and then added the cardstock and ribbon at the top.  the “warm thanks” tags were made by candia flynn photography (she did the invites, too and they were gorgeous!) there are about 30 women coming and all together the cocoa favors look so festive and pretty.  now i am on to sunday’s shower. . . i will share those later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

blue birds are singing on this rainy day

LOOK at this absolutely adorable mobile! I love Bla Bla Kids. They have all of their products made in Peru by local artisans from all hand-picked cotton and all of their products pass the highest safety regulations. Their stuff is so unique and seriously some of the cutest baby items out there! LOVE. . .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

gobble-gobble, quack! hee-haw. moo-moo

we just got the greatest book from grandma and grandpa thomas. i love giving books as birthday gifts, so i love when we discover a new one. the energy of this book is so much fun, that you can't help but pull out the included audio cd and dance around like crazy. (at least we did) it also inspired madeira to pull the pink tutu out of her dress up box. i am told the author keeps a pair of conga drums near his desk which explains the very fun rhythm of his story. the illustrations are excellent also. . .very engaging and exciting story about imagination and reaching for and actually getting to the stars!

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written by: matthew gollub
illustrated (and book cover shown by): judy love

Sunday, February 1, 2009

cute little plant

succulent plants are so lovely to have in an office or a home and even better, so easy to keep alive. . . my sister in law's birthday was on friday and since she has a studio apartment, i thought it was the perfect little something to decorate her home. and then i liked it so much, i decided to put it up on the online shop at santa barbara gift baskets. i think that it is such a fun little gift for so many occasions!