Monday, February 16, 2009

baby love

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on sunday, we hosted a baby shower for our lovely friend, lisa. we decided to just run with the whole “day after valentine’s day” and do a BABY LOVE theme. i think everything turned out super fun, the colors were great. i had been finding so many great ideas online lately and used lots of them. links are below. we did the funnest game too, that my friend isabel shared with us. everyone gets into teams and cuts up photos in magazines and creates a collage of what the baby is going to look like.-the mama to be selects the one she likes the best. it was hilarious, especially watching the grandmas in action and a shower game that i did not cringe at having to play. very fun.


all of the paper supplies: target

baby shower wishes and blessing bracelets: twoplums paper products

gift tub: santa barbara gift baskets

favors and color scheme: inchmark via kids and cocktails “i heart all of this post”

baby love garland:


mima said...

You did a great job--everything is adorable. Sorry I had to miss all of the fun.

domestic bliss said...

Thank you for stopping by our blog- we retailers have to stick together!

Your blog is adorable- wonderful ideas! I wish I could come to your store too!