Saturday, February 28, 2009

crafty kits

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madeira was invited to a “big girl” birthday party, so being that we are mainly in the “little girl” party circle, we were not sure what to get. . .the theme of the party is arts & crafts, so we thought it would be fun to go to the craft store and pick out some little trinkets that can be used to make cards, collages, maybe even a little wall art. it was super cute to see madeira run around to pick the items that she wanted to give, she got into it big time. she is definitely a shopper (wherever did she pick that up?) we got little ribbons ($1 bin), stickers, mini pom poms, decorative brads, glitter beads, googlie eyes, colored mini shells, flowers, buttons and other little trinkets. picked up a pail, some fun ribbon and a sticker and voila, we had made our first crafty kit. we hope she likes it!

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Jordan Moore said...

This idea is brilliant! Turned out sooo cute!! Love your blog :)

Mommynipotent said...

I agree - brilliant idea! So creative - I'm definitely putting this one in my gift idea file!

Anonymous said... great to have all that little stuff in one cute compartment! you rock.