Wednesday, February 11, 2009

love hearts

madeira and i made her valentines and sent them out yesterday. they turned out very cute! we borrowed the idea from one of my favorite creative blogs to peruse, inchmark. she makes them with fabrics, which is so cute, we just used patterned paper, but i think they turned out pretty fun. we had gone to the store and bought bags of candy to use, but when i re-read the notice from school, it said NO CANDY. so, back out we ran to pick up some stickers and band-aids (weird, but 4 year olds love them, right?!) so, the grandparents and cousins are getting lots of candy this year. madeira lasted for about 4 of them and i finished them. i would like to say she had more fun than me, but that would be a lie. in fact, her teacher told me that madeira announced, "i thought making valentines was going to be A LOT more fun. but it was not, it was really hard!" ok, so next year, i guess i will let her choose what we do.

ps. sorry about the photo image quality, i forgot my camera when i came into the shop and had to use my phone so i could get them sent out to family on time.

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