Friday, March 13, 2009

editorial calendar


ok, this is a fancy phrase that means i am going to get organized ( or try). i have been having so much fun with this little blog and have finally started to post regularly.  so, it is time to try to schedule myself. much like the every three hours, feed, play, sleep mantra i practiced when my little bug was new.  here is what i am thinking for categories, diy, foodie, babies and kids, giving back, party and favors, adult gifts (no not those kind, sorry!), and the shop. . .this is going to be a challenge and i think i am up for it. i will surprise you as far as what day will be what, but i promise i will try to be consistent. let’s see how it goes.  . .you with me??? anyone?  what do you think? am i missing anything? would love suggestions. . . i should do some giveaways  too. that would be really fun!  there is no photo at the top of this blog as of right now and i just can not let that happen, so i will put one in of some yummy stuffed tomatoes we made at thanksgiving.  makes perfect sense right? 


Jordan said...

so excited to read! What about the occasional tutorial? you make the cutest things and would be fun to learn how you do it!

Curtis Nemetz Productions said...

Mmmmmm.... those stuffed Tomatoes were to die for.

mima said...

Makes no sense at all, but those tomatoes were delish!