Friday, March 13, 2009

i heart buttons

bird button canvas

 butterfly button canvas


so as we all know retail is a little on the slow side. . .which stinks, EXCEPT for that i have much more time for projects.  i saw a photo in the pottery barn catalog of a print with a butterfly made out of buttons, not real buttons, but painted button like things.  and i thought it was a SUPER CUTE idea. so, i decided to make one with real buttons.  i went to the craft store and bought a white canvas, an assortment of buttons and green and pink paint.  painted the canvas and then drew the outline of the bird and butterfly.  hot glued on the buttons and i loved the results.  i thought they were so fun, that i put them in the shop.  they made themselves at home, although i hope not for long.  would love to have a reason to make more. 

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