Thursday, March 5, 2009

kirtsy, please


not too long ago, my wonderful cousin in law, jordan, introduced me to the crazy world of blogging and google reader. now, i was not completely out of it, i had been keeping a blog with photos of madeira and little stories that family and friends could read, but i seriously had NO IDEA what was going on beyond that. it is absolutely amazing how many super talented, creative and inspirational women and men there are out there who blog everyday multiple times!!!. . . i have found unbelievable ideas, inspiration and just pure beauty to gaze upon on these blogs and find new great sites everyday. today was a super fun day because the amazingly wonderful design mom (read her blog everyday and LOVE) added my craft kit post to kirtsy –thank you very much! now, i had heard of kirtsy lots and was very curious, but had never taken the time to explore-today became that day. what a fun place. people send great finds there-kind of alike a one stop blog posting shop. this absolutely amazing idea was posted there today and i wanted to share it because i know you will love it. who wants to come over and make one? so thanks to design mom and thanks to party perfect (another one of my favorites) for this great word book idea.

make it here.

photo by party perfect

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