Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sweet cherry pie


i love this crafty craft featured on martha stewart today.  what a fun project and what a sweet gift. . .i want to go pick madeira up from preschool and make it NOW NOW NOW.  but i won’t because that would be crazy.  just like the other day when i heard on the radio there was a whale in the harbor and i wanted to drive directly to school to get her and then directly down to the waterfront.  but again i restrained. life would be so much more fun without restraint. . . i have had a lot of coffee today, hence the rambling.  back to the subject, this little felt pie would be the perfect gift for any little girl or boy who loves to play “cooking”.

craft it to give here

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Milo Ross Nemetz said...

I know right! I want to get in my car, drive to Santa Barbara, and make one of these pies RIGHT NOW!!!! Check out my props on FACEBOOK.