Monday, March 23, 2009

thursday on monday. . .



i got way behind with my posting.  mr. sam was out of town for a few days because his sweet grandpa passed away.  so, i was taking care of the home and my sad little bug (she ADORES her great grandpa). 

i have decided to dedicate thursdays to the ladies.  i think there is something so sacred about us women and our roles in the lives of those around us.  most of us feel pulled in many directions and i think it is so important to remember what makes us special, and for me, i would like to remember to be softer.  we run our homes, we teach our children by leading, many times we do our finances, run our businesses, schedule our lives, meals, activities etc etc.  so, when i find myself getting to a certain place of craziness, i like to just remind myself to soften.  and part of softening for me is to put on an apron, some nice music and cook something from scratch with buggie helping on her stool-without looking at my blackberry once no matter how many times the chime chimes. 

this beautiful line of textiles at the etsy shop jewelweeds is so wonderfully delicate and so very soft.  i would love to treat myself to this apron and a few of the tea towels, which were featured on cool mom picks this morning. 


give them here

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jordan said...

i love the image of you and m cooking together in the kitchen. so precious.