Sunday, August 23, 2009

back to school


back to school

college survival kit

we are not sending madeira to kindergarten this year, she is going to do preK to the second degree.  lots of reasons, but the biggest one being that it will be one extra year before she goes away to college.  although, she has told us that she will be marrying sam & i and living with us forever, i get this feeling that our independent girl will be more than happy to leave off to school one day.  so, i am delaying it.  but lots of her friends are going off to super cool kindergarten this year.  so thinking of all those mamas and papas whose kids are leaving off to their first day of school in one way or another, i made a couple of comfort baskets-one for a grade schooler with comp books, number two pencils, goldfish and the like and the other for a college age kid, chips, chocolates, sunscreen, focus gatorade...  haven’t figured out who will be more comforted, though, the parents giving it or the kids receiving it.  speaking of first day of school, please take a look at this most amazing way one family celebrates the first day of school everyday.  i plan to have one of these dinners in the next week or so, so sweet.


give the baskets here and here

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Amanda said...

Yay! You did it! Looks great :)