Friday, September 25, 2009

loving the vintage packaging

look at this pudding. do you die? i do. i don't even like pudding, but i bought two packs. that is some good packaging. i want to do a retro gift basket with stuff like this. . .i would buy that. (but you probably have gotten the idea that i would buy most anything)

image taken by me and retrofied with the iphone app camera bag
pudding available at trader joes

Saturday, September 12, 2009

savor santa barbara



Please come and meet the faces behind Santa Barbara's finest gourmet foods as part of the month to savor santa barbara program, Epicure SB. Lovely locals from companies such as Jessica Foster Confections, Savvy Wine Foods, Santa Barbara Preserves, Sugar Bliss Sweets, the amazing Friday Evening cookbook and more will be there and will bring treats. A basket filled with local goodies will be raffled off to benefit Share Our Strength's mission to end hunger in America. Please join us!

Tuesday, October 13th from 3.oo until 7.oopm at Santa Barbara Gift Baskets, 1221 State Street #13, Santa Barbara, California a month to savor santa barbara. The 31-day, community-wide culinary extravaganza features food and drink festivals, cooking classes, winemaker dinners, seasonal menus, book signings, epicurean-inspired art exhibits and many other tasty opportunities to sip and savor the bounty of The American Riviera®!


Click here for more information on this event and here for more information about epicure sb

Friday, September 11, 2009

great american dine out


Unfortunately, hunger is a reality for almost 12 million children in OUR country.  I can not imagine how it would feel to be the mama sending her child hungry to school or the poor child trying to focus and learn with a hungry belly.  Share Our Strength is the leading organization trying to ensure that no child in America grows up hungry. They say, “poverty is complex, feeding a child is not”. And I agree.  They have created this great program and we are lucky enough to have local restaurants participating.  When you dine out at any of these restaurants on September 20th to 26th, you will be helping to end childhood hunger. 

I have decided to participate, as well and have decided to donate a percentage of our internet sales to the organization during this week, as well.  Shop online at

Participating Santa Barbara Restaurants as of today are:

Bouchon, Seagrass, Elephant Bar, Woodstock’s Pizza


Visit Share Our Strength’s Website Here

Thursday, September 10, 2009

growing up

wow. i love this growth chart. maybe this will make the fact that she is growing up so fast a little bit easier. . .absolutely adorable

created by miss natalie
give it here

Friday, September 4, 2009

nothing against starbucks



but, i LOVE this packaging.  i seriously get so awkward every time i go to starbucks and have to close my eyes and do the formula in my head small=tall (by the way i am “small” by height standards (5 foot 2) and where i come from that is not TALL) , medium=grande (again i would describe certain parts of me as grande yet certainly NOT medium) and large=venti.  the barista is always looking at me like HELLO? and i am secretly having a mild panic attack inside about the conversion, and what i want and if i should go for nonfat or soy and what the calorie content of each is. . .sugar or sweetener-which will make me sicker and fatter, why am i spending 5 dollars on something i can make at home. . . you get  the picture.  i like this packaging.


brooklyn fare link here (oh i wish they would deliver to santa barbara)

found via shelterrific

things were much simpler


so, while in sacramento at target for about the fourth time in two days, i discovered the super secret “specialty toy” aisle.  it was a feast for the eyes and i was definitely more excited than madeira ,who was pulling me toward the pink explosion aisle of princesses, baby dolls, tiaras and glittery make up for toddlers.  but this aisle brought me back to days when things were much simpler and i could stare at a little plastic tv with four revolving still pictures and two songs which only worked if i wound it up with my own two hands.  now, i am all for technological advances and never wanted to be “that mom” who is always talking about the good old days, but things were much simpler and less LOUD back then.  i want our kids to understand how fun a phone with happy eyes can be when you pull it around the house and it makes a little quiet jingle jangle once in a while. 

we bought our nephew the hall of fame pack above and as mentioned in a previous post, the slinky was quite a hit.  and seriously, those crayons are in a real metal tin, absolutely gorgeous.  anyways, i am so glad that duncan and fisher price have brought these toys back.  now maybe i can get madeira to stop talking about this hannah montana person and asking me what it means to “break up with a boyfriend”. yuck, so not ready for that, the dating age has been officially moved to 21 in our home. 

all of these toys were available at the target in sacramento, also saw them online in various toy shops

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

special nite


back to school dinner 1

back to school dinner 2

back to school dinner 3

back to school dinner 7

back to school dinner 6

back to school dinner 5

     so, we had our special back to school fancy dinner (inspired by nie nie).  it was so much fun and madeira has never been happier.  she kept saying “i really love this dinner, but i especially love my crown”. the whole day was delightful with madeira and i doing preparations-making the crown, deciding what to eat, setting the table, grocery shopping and cooking.   on the menu was maryland crab cakes, mixed greens with heirloom tomatoes (lettuce and tomatoes came from a friend’s garden) with drizzled walnut oil and balsamic and garlic and parmesan cous cous.  dessert was soy ice cream, raspberries and drizzled chocolate sauce.  dinner discussion centered on the theme for the year which is “be kind and respectful”.  madeira’s example of being kind was all about sharing a slinky. . .she just spent a few days with her cousins and the slinky was VERY POPULAR.  respectful was a tougher one for her (see saucy photo above). after dinner madeira modeled her first day of school outfit (thank you target for your oh so adorable clothes!) what a sweet nite.