Friday, September 4, 2009

nothing against starbucks



but, i LOVE this packaging.  i seriously get so awkward every time i go to starbucks and have to close my eyes and do the formula in my head small=tall (by the way i am “small” by height standards (5 foot 2) and where i come from that is not TALL) , medium=grande (again i would describe certain parts of me as grande yet certainly NOT medium) and large=venti.  the barista is always looking at me like HELLO? and i am secretly having a mild panic attack inside about the conversion, and what i want and if i should go for nonfat or soy and what the calorie content of each is. . .sugar or sweetener-which will make me sicker and fatter, why am i spending 5 dollars on something i can make at home. . . you get  the picture.  i like this packaging.


brooklyn fare link here (oh i wish they would deliver to santa barbara)

found via shelterrific

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Amanda said...

you crack me up! hahaha