Friday, September 4, 2009

things were much simpler


so, while in sacramento at target for about the fourth time in two days, i discovered the super secret “specialty toy” aisle.  it was a feast for the eyes and i was definitely more excited than madeira ,who was pulling me toward the pink explosion aisle of princesses, baby dolls, tiaras and glittery make up for toddlers.  but this aisle brought me back to days when things were much simpler and i could stare at a little plastic tv with four revolving still pictures and two songs which only worked if i wound it up with my own two hands.  now, i am all for technological advances and never wanted to be “that mom” who is always talking about the good old days, but things were much simpler and less LOUD back then.  i want our kids to understand how fun a phone with happy eyes can be when you pull it around the house and it makes a little quiet jingle jangle once in a while. 

we bought our nephew the hall of fame pack above and as mentioned in a previous post, the slinky was quite a hit.  and seriously, those crayons are in a real metal tin, absolutely gorgeous.  anyways, i am so glad that duncan and fisher price have brought these toys back.  now maybe i can get madeira to stop talking about this hannah montana person and asking me what it means to “break up with a boyfriend”. yuck, so not ready for that, the dating age has been officially moved to 21 in our home. 

all of these toys were available at the target in sacramento, also saw them online in various toy shops

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mima said...

Wow what a flashback! You kids had all of those toys!