Thursday, October 29, 2009

jana alayra concert

on friday, november 13th, madeira's lifelong dream is going to be made reality. THE jana alayra is going to be appear live in concert at her school. she is SO excited. our red ipod has been bumping the jana beats for months and she is ready-with every word, key change, volume change for emphasis memorized. . . it is going to be a very fun concert, hopefully i can take my eyes of madeira and watch. probably not. please join us if you have any jana fans in your family, or if you want to make some.

info about jana and source for photo

trinity preschool
1002 cieneguitas road, santa barbara, ca 93105
friday, november 13th at 6.oopm
dinner by spencer mackenzie's fish co. prior to show at 5.oo

for tickets contact brittney at 805.687.4988 or

Friday, October 23, 2009

the pumpkins are back!


the lynne bonnell pumpkins are back for fall again this year. . .and she added burlap!!  LOVE.  you can see the glitter and black pumpkins that madeira and i made in the back too.  i am obsessed with fall.  made caramel apples last nite too.  just ignoring the 80 degree weather and the sweat dripping down my head while i sip hot cider in my uggs. ;) 

call the shop if you see a pumpkin you like, we ship! 

santa barbara gift baskets @ 805.965.1245

Friday, October 9, 2009

off to paris

flower market

la jarine



kind of. . . sam and i would LOVE to travel to paris, italy, spain, portugal etc etc, but for now and for various reasons, it is not the right time. . .  this weekend we are up in the sonoma/napa area for a wedding.  such a beautiful part of california.  for some reason, sam and i have dubbed it our french trip (i think a lot of it has to do with my new hair do, i think it looks french. . .), so we have been speaking with a french accent (although mine tends to go between persian and spanish more than french), we have been trying to find patisseries & boulangeries, enjoyed the amazing movie, chocolat with a bottle of cotes du i forget where, but it was good and had an adorable hen on the label, visited a gorgeous sidewalk flower stand and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at k&l bistro today.  it has been so much fun to have our own little secret theme, and seriously, hearing sam say patisserie in a cute accent with his sweater vest is just too much.  


the meadows flower market in oakland on college avenue

la farine bakery in oakland (try the morning buns or the ham and cheese pastry, OMG)

k & l bistro (amazing lamb and favra bean pot pie was the lunchtime special of the day, YUM)

more to come. . .

Sunday, October 4, 2009

project pumpkin

glittery pumpkins

black pumpkins





i have come across some super cute pumpkin crafts the last couple of weeks. . .wanted to share.  i am feeling a craft nite coming on, who is with me?


glitter  and black pumpkins how to here thanks to frenchie and flea

gourd garland how to thanks to martha

jack o lantern towers thanks to martha