Monday, November 30, 2009

advent 2009



i LOVE this new iphone app!!  the content and content are amazing and it is free.  you must put it on your iphone today! and oh my goodness, there are some gift giving tips from ME in there.  seriously. i made it on an iphone app. how fun is that?  but for real, it is really cool.  put it on your phone today. merry christmas! 

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Friday, November 27, 2009


thksgivingcheese platter

our thanksgiving was amazing.  so much fun and so wonderful to spend time with family.  i was in charge of the appetizers.  i am working like crazy and therefore did not have time to sort through recipes for hours like i would normally want to.  so, as i was quickly browsing through my november issue of real simple, i came upon a page of beautiful apps.  i decided to make a few.  one of these was the most amazing combinations of flavors that i have ever discovered.  the recipe is available at, but actually is REAL SIMPLE. here goes. 

we used turkish apricots, black forest bacon, sage leaves and real maple syrup.  put a sage leaf on the apricot, wrap it in the bacon and then brush them with maple syrup. put them on a baking sheet seam side down, kept together with toothpicks at 350 degrees until your bacon is crispy.  serve them and watch people enjoy.  they will be nodding their heads and saying “yum” and then count to 15.  at 15, the sage leaf will hit them and they will be in a glorious epicurean heaven and will not know what hit them.   it put all of my other crudites to shame.  the poor cheese, fruit and nut platter which usually takes center stage was an afterthought.   sad.  except for the amazing raspberry habanero jelly from santa barbara preserves.  it is up there with the bacon. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

fall is lovely

fall arrangement


can’t believe it is thanksgiving already.  that is absolutely nuts.  i thought this was a beautiful idea for a centerpiece.  sometimes it is hard to always have to be a season ahead in the retail world.  i have to try really hard to appreciate the current season.  this helped. 


how to instructions here from design sponge

photo by studio choo

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

little bug

madeira 5happy 5th birthday buggie. 

these five years have been the most amazing years of my life.  never would i have imagined how much a heart could be filled up with one little girl’s love.  your spirit is a gift.  since you were a tiny baby, you have made even the grumpiest of people smile.  lately you have befriended a woman who walks past the shop everyday a couple of times.  she has always seemed sad and i have often wondered her story.  i have smiled at her before, but have never said hello or asked her how she was.  you gave her candy on halloween and now whenever you see her, you run up to her and say hello with a huge smile and without hesitation. i have noticed she now has a slight bounce in her step and holds her head a bit higher when she walks past.  you have also begun carrying around a brite orange paper bag for the past two weeks that is filled with shells we have collected over the years.  you give one to everyone you come across, you call them your friends and they now are.  you are the epitome of unconditional love.  you seem to see through the exterior and look straight through to the heart and soul of people.  what a blessing.  thank you for being an example to me.  and oh my goodness, do you make me laugh.  your vocabulary has been amazing since you were 1 year old. . . always shocking us with the words that come out of your mouth and your seeming ability to know exactly the proper time to use them.   your sensitivity is a beautiful gift, as well. . . i love that i will hear a whimper in the back seat of the car and when i ask what is wrong, you tell me that the song that is on is so beautiful that it is making you cry. or when i look in the mirror and see a reflection of you with your eyes closed just listening. and when you dance, you dance from your spirit. . .i LOVE the mad face  you make when you dance hip hop.  you are filled with grace, emotion, joy and beauty that just is.  you don’t even have to try to be.  i hope and pray that your strength and confidence in the way you know yourself never leaves you because you touch people’s lives just by being you.  you have changed me forever and i will eternally be grateful to the Father for giving me the opportunity to be your mama.  happy birthday to my baby girl.

love always, mommy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

dancing queen, young & sweet


what little girl doesn’t love to dance on her daddy’s toes. . .these are too sweet for words. i can just see a pair sticking out of madeira & sam’s stockings on christmas morning.


found on design mom via kirtsy via handmade charlotte

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