Friday, November 27, 2009


thksgivingcheese platter

our thanksgiving was amazing.  so much fun and so wonderful to spend time with family.  i was in charge of the appetizers.  i am working like crazy and therefore did not have time to sort through recipes for hours like i would normally want to.  so, as i was quickly browsing through my november issue of real simple, i came upon a page of beautiful apps.  i decided to make a few.  one of these was the most amazing combinations of flavors that i have ever discovered.  the recipe is available at, but actually is REAL SIMPLE. here goes. 

we used turkish apricots, black forest bacon, sage leaves and real maple syrup.  put a sage leaf on the apricot, wrap it in the bacon and then brush them with maple syrup. put them on a baking sheet seam side down, kept together with toothpicks at 350 degrees until your bacon is crispy.  serve them and watch people enjoy.  they will be nodding their heads and saying “yum” and then count to 15.  at 15, the sage leaf will hit them and they will be in a glorious epicurean heaven and will not know what hit them.   it put all of my other crudites to shame.  the poor cheese, fruit and nut platter which usually takes center stage was an afterthought.   sad.  except for the amazing raspberry habanero jelly from santa barbara preserves.  it is up there with the bacon. 


mima said...

Those apps were absolutely amazing! And Cari is right--there was not one bacon-wrapped apricot with sage leaf left!

Meghan Collinge (SB Preserves) said...

Glad to see some of my jelly going to good use!

Amanda@thegrainsofparadise said...

Dude...that cheese platter looks insane!!